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Flying American Virtual is powered by iCrew v4.

With iCrew v4's powerful backend running our systems, we are able to offer you unmatched features.

Simulated Aircraft Maintenance

Did you land your last flight a little too hard? Has it been close to 10,000 miles? We have a simulated maintenance facility in place to keep your virtual aircraft in the air.

SimBrief Dispatch

It's built in to our database coding, so you're always getting the most realistic and easy to use system.

Live Streaming

You can now live stream your flights to YouTube or Twitch using our built in live stream features. Show the world how great of a pilot you are!


No more boring, text only logbooks. We have interactive maps to show you where you've been, and a passport feature that automatically adds in new countries you've visisted.

More Innovations

More innovations and genius coming from our friends at iCrewSystems.

Desination Tips

Charter Flights




Live Flight Tracker

Why choose Flying American Virtual?

Flying American Virtual was founded in February 2019 in an attempt to give pilots what they want out of a virtual airline.. realism. Here at Flying American Virtual, we want you to enjoy flying, and that means more choices, more events and our automated smartCARS ACARS system that allows our pilots to fly without waiting for their last PIREP to be approved, while providing them with a flight dispatch report after every flight. This new system scores you based on such factors as landing lights on below 10,000ft, overspeed, using your spoilers during landing and more. We are proud to offer you updated, real world schedules, on a monthly basis. Our current database is February 2019. You have over 8,500 American Airlines flights to choose from, departing from our 11 bases, as well as all 13 OneWorld Alliance Airlines, bringing our total schedule database to over 22,000 flights!

Friendly Staff

We're always here to assist you along your journey. With decades of experience in the flight simulation community as well as real world experience, we can help you navigate this new adventure.

Realistic Routes

Offering you bi-monthly updated schedules based on the real American Airlines, we're pleaesd to offer you the most up-to-date schedules you can find.

Industry leading Features

Our backend crew center is built on iCrew v4. That means you have the most powerful virtual airline experience at your disposal. We offer an unmatched, realistic experience.

Flying American Virtual Timeline

Flying American Virtual's Stats

Numbers can't lie, let them do the talking!





Live Feed only on iCrew

Live Flights

Airline Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Status Progress Network Last updated LiveStream+ Options
AAL820 Robert Samarin KPHX KLAX Preflight
21:48:31 UTC Not streaming
AAL128 Juan Herrera ZSPD KDFW Cruising
Offline 21:48:31 UTC Not streaming


Airline Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot In Command Status PIREP Options
AAX138EGLLLEBL02.08 HrsRichard HamukaON TIMEAccepted
AALJUMPKPITKORD0.716 HrsRichard HamukaON TIMEAccepted
AAL1139(A)KORDKPIT01.26 HrsRichard HamukaON TIMEAccepted
AAL1208KCLTKEWR01.31 HrsMartin BaconEARLYRejected
AAX135KPHXKDFW01.58 HrsRichard SchmidtON TIMEAccepted
AALJUMPKJFKKDCA0.368 HrsCharleigh SmithON TIMEAccepted
AALJUMPKMCIKJFK1.93 HrsCharleigh SmithON TIMEAccepted
AALJUMPRJTTKLAX9.526 HrsSoren MugridgeON TIMEAccepted
AAL712KCLTKPVD01.42 HrsJordan RichardsEARLYAccepted
JAL70ZSPDRJTT2.30 HrsSoren MugridgeON TIMEAccepted
AAL2671(A)KPHXKSAN01.18 HrsDan BonenfantON TIMEAccepted
QFA154YSSYNZQN02.27 HrsSamuel HeraldEARLYAccepted
AALJUMPWSSSYSSY6.802 HrsSamuel HeraldON TIMEAccepted
AAL1037(B)KDENKPHX01.55 HrsDan BonenfantON TIMEAccepted
AAL1940(B)KSMFKPHX01.48 HrsRichard SchmidtON TIMEAccepted
AAX89KORDKRDU01.00 HrsHovhannes KosyanEARLYAccepted
AALJUMPKPITKPHX3.148 HrsRobert SamarinON TIMEAccepted
AAL5500(B)KVPSKCLT01.41 HrsMartin BaconON TIMEAccepted
AAL1193(B)KSTLKORD01.28 HrsRichard HamukaON TIMEAccepted
AAL2011(2)KORDKPHL01.44 HrsDavid GoudzwaardEARLYAccepted
AAL2635(A)KDFWKDEN01.53 HrsDan BonenfantON TIMEAccepted
AAL11762KDFWKMIA02.40 HrsPatrick SimonON TIMEAccepted
AALJUMPKMIAKDFW1.948 HrsPatrick SimonON TIMEAccepted
AAL2660(A)KPHLKBOS01.00 HrsDuane BuckEARLYAccepted
AAL11761KDFWKMIA02.51 HrsPatrick SimonON TIMEAccepted

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Flying American Virtual's Fleet

The Flying American Virtual Fleet consists of many different aircraft manufacturers and aircraft variations. Below is a list of our current fleet.

Airbus A319


Airbus A320


Airbus A321


Airbus A330-200


Airbus A330-300


Boeing 737-800


Boeing 737 MAX 8


Boeing 757-200


Boeing 767-300


Boeing 787-800


Boeing 787-900


Boeing 777-200


Boeing 777-300


Embraer 140


Embraer 145


Embraer 175


Embraer 190


Bombardier CRJ-200


Bombardier CRJ-700


Bombardier CRJ-900


McDonnell Douglas MD-82

McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas MD-83

McDonnell Douglas

"Flying American Virtual is leading the Virtual Airline community"

Flying American Virtual's Staff Team

Below, you will find the reason for our success. Our efficient and amazingly powerful team, who have dedicated their time and effort for the welfare of Flying American Virtual.

Zachary Pennebaker


Chief Executive Officer

Josh Green


Chief Operating Officer

Robert Samarin


Vice President of Human Resources

Phil Knight


Chief Pilot

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